Art is born in attention onto details, Like the excruciatingly beautiful curve of a lost lover’s neck. Art may seem to involve broad strokes, grand schemes, great planes. But it is the attention of details that stays with us; the singular image is what haunts us and becomes art.

Thru the combination of Direct Painting and the use of a Grisaille technique I combined the traditional, with modern.

Grisalle is a monochrome technique which was first practiced by Flemish artists in the early 15th century. Grisaille utilizes various shades of gray and gray washes resulting in creating images which give the illusion of sculpture.

Direct Painting is a method of painting used to make paintings in a single application. This is an opaque painting technique used by the Impressionists in their early work, the Fauves and the Abstract Expressionists. Direct painting relies on more planning because artists must consider form and color simultaneously. The great difficulty and challenge of pure direct painting is that the painter must be able to deal with all the problems of the picture at the same moment.

I begin a painting with an idea, an image or concept, starting w/ the details and then sit back as the painting comes to live. I’ll start a painting and take it as far as it wants to go. Stopping often and staring at the canvas, for hours or days, visualizing all the possibilities. All the different directions or stories it wants to tell. Sometimes it goes fast and easy, and sometimes I have to start all over again.

Mi Tierra Series

Cigar Rollers Series

The Cigar series was inspired by and is dedicated to George Savoy (1931-2008)

Acrylic on CanvasAcrylic on Canvas

Guitar Series

The Guitar series was influenced by the songs my father played when I was young.

Tequila Series

Flamenco Series

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